Examples of my work

I have written hundreds of articles and coordinated dozens of magazines over the years, but here are a few that are still close to my heart.

Science & Technology

Who wants to live forever? Cover story exploring technology that could help us become immortal (Science & Technology Magazine #3, 2017)

Want to save 9.000 liters of water a week? Become a vegan (Science & Technology Magazine #7, 2019)

Secrets of the Master Interrogator (Science & Technology Magazine #8, 2019)

Women’ s Health research. Did you know that diseases manifest differently in women than in men, and that female patients are more likely to have a negative reaction to medications? (Campus Magazine #7, 2022)

Geo-Health research knows no limits why is it important to link health and disease in space and time (Campus Magazine #8, 2022)

How fast are icebergs melting? Research by Sander Huisman who aims to fully understand melting and dissolution in turbulent flows (U-Today, 2022)

Methods to help women breastfeed. Research by Nienke Bosschaart, who works on new methods to help women breastfeed (U-Today, 2022)

Virtual Burglary Project – Using VR to determine what happens inside the mind of a burglar (U-Today, 2022)

Artificial placenta to save babies’ lives (U-Today, 2023)

Profiles (In-depth personal interviews)

Debra Roberts, a government official in South Africa and one of the Co-Chairs of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Azadeh Akbari: Iranian scientist, activist and journalist

David Fernandez Rivas: Scientist, the inventor of ‘needle-less injections’ and the Dutch Engineer of the Year

Brechje Marechal: Environment & Sustainability Officer

Gender (in)equality

Series of interviews with female scientists about the hurdles they face in academia

‘I’m too ambitious to be a woman’

‘Good women get overlooked’

A feature focused on the importance of (female) role models

‘We need more women who aren’t presented as princesses

(Ongoing) series

The Good Scientist: Winning big grants, supervising students, appearing in media… what is the secret to being a successful academic? In this series, researchers reflect on the various ways of being a good scientist and contributing to the world.

PhD stories: Online series exploring what it takes to be a doctoral candidate.